Douglas fir is ‘tallest tree in UK’

A Douglas fir in Argyll has been named the UK’s tallest tree by a team of experts, the BBC News website reports.

At 63.79m (209ft) the Stronardon Douglas fir near Dunans Castle beat the grand fir at Blair Castle, Perthshire, to the title by more than a metre.

Arborists from Sparsholt College, Hampshire, have been gathering official measurements for the Tree Register.

Mark Tansley, who organised the project, said Scotland provided the ideal environment for tall trees.

He said: “Scotland has excellent growing conditions, such as a damp environment and deep valleys that allow conifers to reach extraordinary heights.”

Mr Tansley’s team measured four trees picked out by the Tree Register as possible contenders for Scotland’s largest tree.

This included the UK’s previous tallest tree, the Douglas fir at Reelig Glen, Inverness at 62.02m, and a Douglas fir at The Hermitage, Dunkeld, Perthshire, which measured 61.31m.

The team are taking their project to England but are confident Argyll’s Douglas fir, which stands about 12m (40ft) taller than Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square, will retain its title.

Chris Hunter, who scaled the tree, said: “I’ve been climbing trees for 17 years and have never tackled anything so tall, challenging and rewarding.

“They were truly breathtaking trees set in breathtaking locations. Every one was worth the visit on its own.”

Source: BBC News website

Date: 26/02/2009

2 Responses

  1. The tallest and biggest tree thing is entertaining.

    Certainly the tree’s don’t care how big they are. But it sure makes a fun hunt for people.

    We have two Douglas firs ourselves, but only 25 metres or so.

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