Scottish scheme ‘planting 1,149 trees a day’

A conservation partnership has planted the equivalent of 1,149 trees each day for the past eight years.

In a press release, the Scottish Forest Alliance (SFA) said that more than 3.3 million trees had been planted or had been allowed to naturally regenerate, as its decade-long project enetered its ninth year.

The The SFA is described as a “unique woodland conservation project” involving oil giant BP, Foresty Commission Scotland, the Woodland Trust Scotland and RSPB Scotland.

In 2000, BP pledged to invest £10bn over 10 years to support the SFA project, which has been described as Scotland’s biggest corporate commitment to the environment to date.

The goal is to help regenerate the nation’s fragmented native woodlands, helping to restore the rich diversity of flora and fauna that once flourished in these habitats.

It is also seeking to encourage local communities to become involved in the management of these areas.

Over the full 10 years, the scheme intends to create more than 8,400 hectares of new tree cover by planting almost 8.2 million trees.

“This successful project is playing a major role in creating significant new areas of native woodland,” said Andrew Fairbairn, development manager for the Woodland Trust Scotland.

“Across Scotland, we have planted millions of trees and encouraged millions more to naturally regenerate.”

He aded that the scheme had enabled  hundreds of thousands of people each year to enjoy the great outdoors.

“This in turn has a positive spin off for biodiversity and wildlife, as well as toruism and local communities.”

Source: SFA press release

Date: 09/10/2008


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