Australian Greens call for end to native forest felling

The Australian Green Party is trying to gather support for their new policy to end the felling of all native forests, national broadcaster ABC reports.

The party has announced it wants the logging of native forests to end, and for timber to be sourced from tree plantations.

Green MP Paul Llewellyn says the party will allocate preferences in the coming state election to whichever major party supports their stance.

“Clearly the Greens are a rising force across Australia,” he is quoted as saying.

“In the Northern Territory we saw the Greens get 15% of the vote.

“We do determine which government goes into power by our preferences and native forest logging is going to be one of the important considerations in our decision about who to support.

“I do think that there is a unified voice across the conservation movement that native forest logging must stop and that we must make a complete transfer to plantations and farmed forestry.

“Our forefathers were preparing us for this by planting many thousands of hectares of pine and blue gum plantations.”

Source: ABC Online

Date: 14/08/2008

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